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Suzhou Jinkai Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of heat treatment equipment, the company's main industrial furnace, quenching furnace, annealing furnace, mesh belt furnace, pusher furnace, idler furnace, roller hearth furnace, roller furnace, roller furnace, double row pusher furnace, crawler plate roller furnace, industrial furnace production line, fastener heat treatment equipment, forging industry furnace equipment, chain quenching and tempering equipment, heat treatment equipment Processing enterprises, mesh belt furnace production enterprises. The company covers an area of 16500m2, production workshop area of 10000m2, is located in Suzhou Industrial Park Free Trade Zone, has a unique geographical location, west of Suzhou, east of Shanghai.

The company takes the technology as the guide, takes the sincere management as the idea, provides the omni-directional sincere service from the product design, the manufacture, the installment debugging, the personnel training, the technical support and the after-sale service for the customer with the high-quality product, wholeheartedly welcome the new old friend to come to you

  • address: Suzhou Industrial Park Shengpu town Jiangpu Road 51
  • Tel: 0512-62532922 62871358 62871369
  • Fax: 0512-62871368
  • Contact: Jin Taoyuan 13706207683
  • web site: http://www.lignumcap.com
  • E-mail:info@sz-jkkj.com

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Address: Shengpu District, Suzhou Industrial Park Tel: 0512-62871358, 62532922 Fax: 0512-62871368 e-mail: info@sz-jkkj.com
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