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Types of pusher furnace

Types of pusher furnace

Depending on the pusher, the charge or charge tray placed on the track is pushed into or pushed out of the furnace periodically. When the workpiece is heated in the furnace, it is kept in a relatively static state for a certain period of time; when the workpiece is quenched out of the furnace, some of the materials are poured into the quenching medium after the material pan tilts automatically, and some of the materials are cooled in the quenching medium together with the material pan.

This kind of furnace has strong adaptability to different heat treatment processes, so it is convenient to form a production line and widely used in quenching, normalizing, annealing, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding and other heat treatment processes.

The main disadvantage of this kind of furnace is that the charging tray is repeatedly heated and cooled, resulting in large energy loss, that is, the thermal efficiency is low, and the charging tray is easy to be damaged. Another disadvantage is that when different types of workpieces are required to implement different technical requirements, the original workpieces often need to be pushed into the next one after all the original ones are pushed out, that is, the process adaptability is poor.

Types: (1) push rod ordinary box resistance furnace (2) continuous carburizing automatic line (3) push rod gas carbonitriding furnace and its production line

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