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What are the common features of industrial furnaces

Although furnaces are widely used in various industries, industrial furnaces have many similarities

1) The basic theory of thermal engineering is the same, which is based on several laws of thermodynamics. The process of fuel combustion, gas flow and heat transfer in the furnace are basically the same.

2) No matter what kind of furnace, it is generally composed of the following parts:

① Thermal energy generation device (such as combustion chamber, burner, electric heating element, etc.).

② Place the material part (such as furnace, hearth, trolley, etc.).

③ Smoke exhaust system (for fuel furnace, there should be flue, chimney, etc.).

④ Auxiliary devices (such as furnace door, preheater, conveyor chain, etc.).

3) Low thermal efficiency and high energy consumption. Industrial furnace is the main energy consumption equipment in industrial production, which consumes about 1 / 4 of the total energy consumption in China every year. Especially in the hot processing production of metallurgical, mechanical and electrical enterprises, furnace energy consumption accounts for more than 70% of the process energy consumption, which is the largest energy user in production.

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