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Energy saving ways and measures of industrial furnace

According to the energy composition of industrial furnace, fuel consumption accounts for more than 90% of the total energy consumption, and electric energy consumption only accounts for 7.9%. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the energy saving of various industrial furnaces (collectively referred to as fuel furnaces) with fuel as heat source.

Compared with electric furnace, fuel furnace with good design and correct operation can also obtain higher technical and economic benefits in thermal performance. Some energy saving measures of fuel furnace, such as improving production management and operation method, adopting light or ultra light refractory lining, improving furnace sealing performance, improving furnace structure and reasonably arranging combustion device (electric heating element for electric furnace), are also applicable to energy saving requirements of industrial furnace.

The national standard gb3485-83 specifies the technical guidelines for the rational use of electricity by enterprises, in which the following requirements are put forward for the rationalization of the conversion of electric energy into heat energy:

1) Electric heating is only allowed under the following circumstances: due to the special needs of the product; other heating methods can not reach high temperature; precious rare and non-ferrous metals can be saved; through technical and economic comparison, electric heating is indeed superior.

2) The efficiency of electric arc furnace should not be less than 50%, and that of other heating equipment should not be less than 40%.

3) The electric heating equipment above 50KW should be equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, active watt hour meter and reactive watt hour meter.

4) Improve the equipment structure and process conditions, increase the loading capacity, implement centralized production, shorten the waiting time and other measures to improve the thermal efficiency.

5) Do a good job in waste heat recovery of industrial furnace.

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