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Furnace type structure of industrial furnace

When designing or improving the industrial furnace, the new energy-saving furnace should be selected as far as possible according to the production process requirements. Choose the right furnace structure, improve the degree of mechanization and energy efficiency. The commonly used energy-saving measures are as follows:

(1) Using the circular furnace instead of the box furnace can enhance the effect of uniform heat transfer of the furnace to the workpiece, reduce the heat dissipation of the furnace wall, and make the furnace form a heat exchange system, which can carry out heat exchange among the heating elements, furnace lining and workpiece. By using reasonable furnace space and increasing the inner wall area of the furnace without increasing the volume of the furnace space, the heat exchange of the furnace can be improved by increasing the heat exchange area, so as to improve the thermal efficiency.

(2) A fan is installed in the furnace to enhance the convective heat transfer in the furnace. Especially in small-scale furnace, high-speed airflow can destroy the bottom layer of gas boundary which stagnates on the surface of workpiece and obstructs heat transfer and interface reaction, which can shorten the heating time and accelerate the increase of workpiece temperature.

(3) The furnace body sealing includes the sealing of the leading out components in the furnace, the furnace shell, the furnace door, etc. If the furnace body is not sealed tightly, it will cause fire running and leakage everywhere, resulting in a lot of waste of energy, equipment burning, bad environment and other conditions. Therefore, the furnace body sealing directly affects the quality and energy consumption of the workpiece, and the sealing is also the key to the atmosphere control in the furnace. The appearance of refractory fiber products creates conditions for the solution of furnace sealing and realizes soft sealing.

(4) The heating furnace with integral casting of refractory castable has the advantages of high strength, integrity, good air tightness and long service life.

(5) New furnace materials are used to optimize the lining structure. On the premise of ensuring the structural strength and heat resistance of furnace lining, the heat preservation capacity should be improved and the heat storage should be reduced as much as possible. Only by increasing the thickness of the lining to reduce the temperature of the outer wall of the furnace will not only increase the heat storage and cost of the lining, but also reduce the effective utilization of the bottom area. Fire resistant fiber and rock wool are selected as the insulation layer, and light brick is used as the lining of the furnace body to reduce the heat storage loss of the furnace body, enhance the heat insulation of the furnace, and reduce the heat loss of the furnace wall.

(6) High temperature and high radiation coating is applied on the inner wall of the furnace to strengthen the radiation heat transfer in the furnace, which is helpful to make full use of the heat energy. The energy saving effect is 3% - 5%, which is an advanced energy saving method.

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