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Pulse ignition controller for industrial furnace

Hg-103 igniter: also known as industrial furnace pulse ignition controller, this product is mainly used for the ignition and control of various industrial equipment and hotel stoves using liquefied gas, natural gas and artificial gas. Power on ignition (or switch control ignition) accidental flameout key function, ion flame automatic monitoring function and flameout alarm, ignition failure and accidental flameout automatic cut off gas source safety protection, using microcomputer digital control technology, using lightning protection technology, power on ignition / switch control ignition, automatic detection of flame, stop In case of ignition, the solenoid valve will keep the combustion indicator on. If the ignition is not started after the ignition time, the gas solenoid valve will be automatically closed and the alarm will be given. Rated working voltage: 220 VAC, discharge frequency: 50 Hz, discharge distance or equal to 6 mm, ignition time 10 seconds, ignition time 10 seconds, discharge energy greater than or equal to 2. 0mj, output high voltage greater than or equal to 16Kv, feedback current; 0-20ua, the company's igniter quality assurance, improve after-sales service, welcome new and old customers and dealers call to negotiate, looking forward to sincere cooperation with you!

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