• Structure of roller furnace

    Structure of roller furnace

    The roller is an octagonal furnace pot, which is made of cr20ni25 high temperature resistant stainless steel plate by bending and welding. It is supported by the front and rear supporting wheels, the rear end is fixed relative to the furnace shell, the front end can be freely extended during thermal expansion, the liquid drops enter from the rear end, the front end exhausts the waste gas and ignites the seal. The exhaust port has an adjusting cap, which can adjust the pressure in the drum. The sealing device with water cooling protection is adopted for the air pipe. The work piece is added and poured out at the front end of the roller. The roller rotates clockwise, and the user can determine the appropriate rotation speed according to the shape and size of the workpiece to be processed and the strength at high temperature. In order to put in and take out the drum, the furnace shell is divided into upper shell and lower shell, which are welded by angle steel and steel plate. The furnace lining is made of various firebricks. The furnace body can be tilted electrically or manually through cycloid pin wheel reducer. The heating element is made of Fe Cr Al alloy (0cr25al5) wire, which is spirally arranged on the two sides of the furnace and the bricks at the bottom of the furnace. The furnace frame is welded with channel steel to support the furnace body. The electric furnace has a thermocouple which is inserted into the furnace from the top to control the furnace temperature. In addition to the drip system, the electric furnace is also equipped with a vent pipe, so that users can switch to gas.

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