• Operation points of mesh belt furnace

    Operation points of mesh belt furnace:

    1. Cleaning is very important. The oil and gas brought by the UN cleaned workpieces have obvious influence on the atmosphere in the furnace. The amount of CH4 (methane) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) is high, and the amount of CO (carbon monoxide) is low, which is easy to produce a lot of carbon black.

    2. The fluctuation range of furnace temperature in the thickness heating zone should not be greater than 20-30 ℃. When feeding, please pay attention to the temperature drop in the first zone should not be greater than the set temperature of 50-60 ℃. If it exceeds, the furnace should be thinned and fed. In principle, the thickness of M8, M10 and M12 should not be greater than the thickness of parts, and the thickness of large heating should not be greater than 40mm, so insufficient heating should be avoided. When heating a small amount, you should pay attention to pile up a piece, do not scatter, No It is easy to cause overheating and overburning.

    3. Remove the dirt in the cleaning box in time, and form the habit of adjusting the net belt offset.

    4. The energy consumption of heat treatment accounts for 35% - 45% of the cost of heat treatment process. On the one hand, plan and arrange as early as possible, and try to make the same products together in production; on the other hand, avoid rework, improve the first pass rate of products, and self check should be timely and accurate, so as to reduce the error rate.

    5. Considering the possible decarburization layer of raw materials, the carbon potential is set at 0.36% - 0.45%, the upper limit is used for decarburization, and the lower limit is used for non decarburization, so as to reduce the consumption cost.

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