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It has never been easier to discover, invest and share the success of companies.



It is simple and free for anyone in Europe to register.




Once registered, you can access all the campaigns, ask questions to the entrepreneurs, request more information and invest.



To invest, choose the amount and record your investment commitment. It is simple to create a diversified portfolio of investments to reduce your exposure to risk.


Their success is yours

Become a partner when the round closes. Receive regular updates and interact with each company through Lignum or offline. If the company works well, you will receive a return on your investment.

Types of investment

Invest in ambitious and growth-focused companies and, as a partner, participate in them individually or as a syndicate.

There are 2 ways you can invest in Lignum Capital:



As we do with our own network of partners, we offer you the opportunity to get involved in the inverted projects that interest you, providing experience and knowledge to entrepreneurs.



You participate in the capital stock of the companies invested through a union of investors, in which the decisions are taken by a majority of the syndicated investors and that represents Lignum Capital.

Selection process

We keep each campaign at a very high level.

Our team ensures that each statement you read is fair, clear, not misleading, and we verify all claims based on facts.


Initial filtering

The campaign is analyzed to ensure that it is viable, appropriate and attractive.


Due Diligence

Comprehensive analysis in which each project data is reviewed and the reserve for the investor is analyzed.


Financing campaign

When the campaign meets our requirements, it is approved and available for investment.

Invest in the companies of the future

Access a world of investment opportunities, participate in the companies in which you believe and share your success.

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