Frequently Asqued Questions

Are you an investor?

The only requirement to invest through our platform is to be of legal age.

We distinguish between two kind of investors:

  • Accredited.
  • Unaccredited.

They will be considered accredited investors:

  1. Natural and legal persons who are considered a professional client (concept and classes defined and explained in article 78 bis.3 of law 24/1988 of 28th July, of the Securities Market).
  2. Entrepreneurs who individually meet at least two of the following characteristics:
    • that the total of his asset items is equal to or greater than 1 million euro,
    • That his annual business turnover is equal to or greater than 2 million euro,
    • That his equity is equal to or greater than 300,000 euro.
  3. Natural persons who meet the following conditions:
    • That can attest an annual income above 50,000 euro, or financial assets above 100,000 euro.
    • That request to be considered accredited investors in advance, and deliberately resign to be addressed as unaccredited clients.
  4. 4. Legal entities and SMEs, which expressly request being treated as accredited clients.

Note: Accredited investors defined in points III and IV, which do not provide funding to a project of the platform of participatory funding within a period of twelve months, will lose their accredited status.

They will be able to recover it, if they meet the requirements corresponding to each point and carry out investment activity.

They may also lose that status by transmitting it in writing.

In order to have the advantages of the accredited status, you have to select the profile “Accredited Investor” when registering in our platform, thus confirming you meet the requirements referred to in the preceding section. After completing registration, we will send a statement of accreditation to your email, which you must fill in and return signed to the following e-mail .

We remind you that as an Unaccredited Investor you will not be able to invest more than 3,000 euro in the same project.

Nor more than 10,000 euro, over a period of 12 months, in projects published on our platform.

Your personal data will always be dealt with the utmost discretion. All transactions and data are subject to strict security measures, and only the user name is disclosed.

To invest we will need some basic personal information that shall be kept private, and which only shall be known by the entrepreneurial team once the funding target is attained.

In Spain, at the state level, investments in startups (companies less than 3 years old) have a direct deduction of 20% on the quota to pay as income tax.

The deduction is limited to 10,000 euro per year and taxpayer.

There are also rebates at the autonomous community level, complementary to state ones, which can increase the total deductible limit depending on the autonomous community.

Fiscal incentives will be granted to investors who invest in companies that reside in the same autonomous community as the investor:

  • Madrid:20% deduction up to a maximum of 4.000€.
  • Cataluña:30% deduction up to a maximum of 6.000 €.
  • Andalucía:20% deduction up to a maximum of 4.000€.
  • Galicia:20% deduction up to a maximum of 4.000€.
  • Aragón:20% deduction up to a maximum of 4.000€.
  • Baleares:20% deduction up to a maximum of 600€.
  • Murcia:20% deduction up to a maximum of 4.000€.
  • Cantabria15% deduction up to a maximum of 2.000€.


Investor with fiscal residence in Madrid who invests 10,000 € in a company with fiscal residence in Madrid. The deduction will be the following:

20% (State section) + 20% (Regional section) = 4,000 € (entire deduction).

The maximum amount that he can deduct annually on this kind of investments will be 4,000 €.

  • Be a resident in Spain, and have invested in a Spain based company founded within the last three years.
  • Having to pay a work income tax in the IRPF (deductions can only be taken advantage of if IRPF is paid).
  • Investors who together with their family group do not have more than 40% of the shares.
  • Have no labour relationship with the company.
  • To be an S.A., S.L., S.A.L., or S.L.L. company.
  • Registered and fiscal office in Spain.
  • To develop economic activity, ie, not to be an investment vehicle.
  • Incorporated in the past 3 years.
  • Investment as a capital increase.
  • Unlisted company.
  • Equity below 400,000 Euro, before the capital increase.

To invest in a campaign you must login with your username, select the campaign, and click the "Invest in this project" button. After having read and accepted our policy of risks for investors, you will indicate the amount you want to invest. To confirm your investment, you must provide, by way of warranty, 5% of the amount committed to investing, amount that will be deducted at the time of making the remaining disbursement of committed investment.

The remaining payment of the investment shall be made only if the campaign is successful.

In case of not materializing the investment the moment the campaign is successfully completed, a penalty shall be enforced consisting on the non-refund of the 5% warranty.

When you click the "Invest" button you will be able to choose between two options to materialize the payment:

  • To pay by debit or credit card.
  • To make a bank transfer.

After selecting the option to pay by bank transfer you will receive a confirmation email indicating our account number, concept, term and amount to contribute.

Yes. When a project reaches its target, all the people who have invested in it will receive an e-mail notification, indicating:

(i) bank account number of the promoted company, (ii) concept, (iii) amount to disburse.

When the deadline of the campaign has arrived and the funding target has been reached (or exceeded within the agreed limits), Lignum Capital will contact both the startup and the investors, in order to legalize the sale and distribution of the shares.

During the investment process, entrepreneurs will receive the minimum required information to contact the investors. Namely: (i) name, (ii) contact, (iii) date of registering as user (iv), the amount each one wants to invest.

If the company is sold, or someone wants to acquire your shares, you will receive a purchase offer for your shares in your email.

Please, bear in mind that the company will have a preferential right to buy your shares in the first place.

Are you a startup?

Any person of legal age who has a Public Limited Company or a Limited Liability Company, constituted or about to be constituted, with head office in Spain.

Promoters must set an investment target, as well as the maximum overfunding they would accept, within the 25% threshold set by law. Once published, it cannot be modified.

They will also have to set a deadline, usually 60 days since the publication of the project.

The law sets an upper limit for funding of 2 million euro per project, it being possible to perform successive rounds of funding that do not exceed said amount on an annual basis.

Whenever the project is oriented exclusively to accredited investors, the limit will be 5 million euro.

First of all, you must be registered with the profile of entrepreneur/investor or entrepreneur.

Once logged in, you must select "Create Campaign", and you will be taken to a screen where you can provide information about the project.

You have to provide at least the following information:

  • A corporate image.
  • A video, with link to Youtube.
  • A presentation in Power Point format.
  • An executive summary of the business model that does not exceed 1,900 characters.
  • A brief summary of no more than 200 characters.

No, you can only promote one project at the same time.

Once the user has created his campaign, Lignum Capital team must validate the content of the same. This process can take a month at most.

Within the display of the campaign we have incorporated the most important social networks, and included several tools for sharing.

To register on the website of Lignum Capital and enlist a campaign does not have any cost. We only charge a commission of 5% + VAT on the amount financed, provided the campaign is successful

An e-mail will be sent automatically to the investors to notify them that the project has been updated.

There are two scenarios when the campaign deadline arrives:

  • Scenario A. We have met the funding target. In this case, Lignum Capital will contact both the startup and the investors, in order to legalize the sale and distribution of shares.
  • Scenario B. The funding target has not been reached. In this case, investments shall not be formalized and the campaign shall be closed. You can then opt to launch a new campaign, if you think you can get more attractive conditions for investors.
It should be picked out that if the startup, at the time of setting the conditions of the campaign, had established that it accepts a 90% of the funding target, and said target is reached by the time of the deadline,it will be allowed to carry out the operation.

From Lignum Capital we help to summon the meeting between investors and the startup, in order to carry out the distribution of shares in notarial form.