Terms and conditions of use

Lignum Capital S.L., a Spanish company with registered office in Madrid (28004), calle Augusto Figueroa 17, third A, with CIF B-86999984, registered for the purpose in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, is the holder of the web platform www.lignumcap.com (hereinafter web platform), for the purposes of its activity: the development and management of a web platform for participatory funding, devoted to facilitating the financing of companies or projects in process of creation and growth phase, called promoters, connecting those promoters with a plurality of natural or legal persons who offer financing.

Through this legal notice, we proceed to regulate the relation between the web platform and its users, both with regard to its use, as to the access of all natural or legal persons to the same, persons that in any case shall have the consideration of users, and to whom it will be applied a particular regime in terms of the relation between the user and the web platform, whether he is an Investor, a Promoter in search of capital, or both.

We point out that access to the web site (www.lignumcap.com ), constitutes a tacit acceptance of the conditions of navigation laid down by the law, and of the content of the Legal Notice which is published for the purpose on our Web page.

Web Page

The Web Page puts LIGNUM CAPITAL services at the disposal of its users who meet the legal requirements noted below:

  1. Requisites for the Investor:
    • Be of legal age (18+ years).
    • Meet the requirements of ordinary civil capacity.
    • Not to be legally incapacitated.
  2. Requisites for companies or promoters looking for investment:
    • Comply with current legal requirements, in labour and tax matters.
    • Be abreast of payments to social security.
    • Submit and attach their financial statements and annual accounts (if any)
    • That the information provided by the company is truthful.
      "Art 73: Promoters shall be liable against investors of the information they provide to the platform of participatory funding for its publication."

Without detriment to the proprietary requirements established by LIGNUM CAPITAL, which reserves to itself the right of admission of the submitted projects.

Services offered by LIGNUM CAPITAL through the website:

  • Promoters who meet the requirements will be able to publish their business projects in order to obtain financing, when agreed with the team of LIGNUM CAPITAL.
  • Investors who meet the established requisites, will be able to evaluate the projects submitted, investing in those that best fit their particular interests.

LIGNUM CAPITAL recalls that access to our Website is open and free of charge. However, in order to enjoy the services as customer and user of the site, it will be necessary to sign up with the corresponding name and password.

User Obligations

  • The user agrees to make proper use of the web page, not to incur in illicit activities, not to make a use contrary to the good faith of the available content, and not to make use of his privileges as a user in any manner contrary to provisions in the Legal Notice and current legislation.
  • It is understood as a correct use of our services that which meets the purpose thereof, namely, to facilitate contact between Investors and Companies in order to meet their financing needs. Otherwise, when not complying with a use in accordance with established policy and conditions, the user shall be held liable for damages that he might cause to third parties, other users or LIGNUM CAPITAL, as a result of this breach.
  • The user agrees not to copy, reproduce, transform and/or distribute, in whole or partially, the content of the Web Page with advertising or commercial ends, and not to facilitate his privative access to third parties doing so in his name. He undertakes not to publish, distribute or spread any information beyond what is naturally necessary and authorized to benefit from our services, or what is requested by LIGNUM CAPITAL through the website. He agrees not to send, deposit or download any files whatsoever, other than those duly authorized through our website.
  • The user assumes full responsibility for trusting or not in the information and safety of the web page, and remains obliged to act in accordance with good faith and due diligence in the use of its services.
  • The user is obliged to compensate LIGNUM CAPITAL SL for damage caused, for the claims presented and for the demands brought against our Society, undertaking the costs derived from the litigation, when its cause is attributable to a breach on the part of the user of his legal obligations or of the terms of use of the Web Page.


  • Ensuring the accuracy, reliability, accuracy, authenticity, timeliness, truthfulness and suitability of the information contained on the website, beyond the limit of activity allowed to it, and the requirements and conditions to be met by Investors and Companies that make use of our services.
Article 71. Liability of the participatory financing platform with regard to the information of the project. 1. Participatory financing platforms shall make sure that the information published in the platform is complete, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. 2. Participatory financing platforms shall publish any other relevant information they possess about the project or promoters.
  • Does not take on responsibility for information found outside the website, and which may be accessible through links located on the same. In any way should the links be interpreted as an explicit or tacit recommendation of investment, or as an invitation to follow and view the contents of said link.
  • Costs resulting from an abnormal operation of our services, for reasons attributable to interferences, interruptions, telephone breakdowns, delays or system shutdowns that are not attributable to the control of LIGNUM CAPITAL, nor do derive from a lack of due diligence on the part of our company, as well as those expenses derived from the malfunctioning of the user's equipment or browser.

LIGNUM CAPITAL does make use of the best technologies on systems' protection and antivirus. Nevertheless, it neither can guarantee nor be held responsible for any damage that the user's computer may suffer, or because of a third party access to his computer system as a result of the contents or harmful programs arising from the use of our website (viruses, etc.).

For any other risk arising from the investment, user will have to go to the link WARNING OF RISKS.

We recall that in the event of a legal dispute with LIGNUM CAPITAL SL, users accept and undertake to abide with Spanish laws and courts.


  • Adopt at any time all those security measures it may deem necessary to ensure the proper use and confidentiality of the data stored on the Website.
  • Interrupt, modify or update, at any time, temporarily or permanently, the content and services of the web platform, the content of this legal notice and/or the conditions to benefit from LIGNUM CAPITAL services, without such an action generating a liability on the part of our society.
  • Cancel, without prior notice, the access to the website by users who made improper use of the same.


  • All rights of intellectual and industrial property, and of exploitation, of the Web site and all its content, excepting the information and content contributed by promoter companies, for the maximum duration of the same as provided for in the Revised Text of the Law of Intellectual Property, that is, until it moves into the public domain. This reservation of rights extends to all countries of the world, whether protected or not by copyright, patent and trademark rights, or other legal provisions.
  • It will not be allowed to make use of the information contained in the Web Page in a different way than arranged by its provisions, nor to publish copy, spread, or translate it, in public or private media, without our express and written authorization.

LIGNUM CAPITAL informs that, under no circumstances, the consented failure, delay, waiver or breach of any express or implicit condition according to this Legal Notice, is to be considered likewise as a tacit consent for the other ones, neither does it constitute a consent to allow any subsequent breach, reserving LIGNUM CAPITAL to itself the rights pursuant to this Legal notice.

For more information on the treatment of your personal data and our privacy policy, we refer you to our section on"Privacy&Cookies"