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Blow and Go Afterdrink

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200.000 €

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April 16, 2015



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5800 € by non accredited investors (72.5%)
2200 € by accredited investors (27.5%)



BLWG Chaser S.L. is a company that was born with the purpose of elaborating and commercializing functional drinks.
The first product created by this company is Blow & Go afterdrink, a functional drink that helps the recovery of the organism after the ingestion of alcohol and to accelerate the elimination of alcohol from the body, reaching to reduce the rate of alcohol per liter of expired air around 25% in an average time of 25 - 30 minutes.
The potential consumer responds to what we can call the pattern of Mediterranean consumption, characterized by a moderate consumption of alcohol linked to social relations between 20 and 35 years.
We target this through a
combination of distribution channels that we are able to provide with 90,000 units within a maximum period of two weeks from the request (with a 3-year expiration per batch). These channels are:
• Major distributors: wholesale distribution chains supplying premises and the HORECA channel.
• Store Front: Supermarket chains, service stations and 24-hour points of sale.
• Exports: the logistics company has an infrastructure oriented to foreign transport.

Our value proposition requires a complete production, logistics and R + D + I infrastructure, with which we already have: Laboratorios Nature Pharma, specialized in the elaboration and manufacture of food and cosmetic complements, with which we have an exclusive contract, Capsulite Iberica SA, specializing in innovation in PET and aluminum packaging.


As for efficacy, Blow & Go afterdrink manages to reduce an average of 24% in an average of 30 minutes according to own studies carried out on samples of 10 people with the Dräger Alcotest 3000 alcoholometer, used by the Civil Guard of Traffic in Spain. Approximately 15% more than most of our competitors.
In addition to efficiency, what differentiates us from the rest of the competitors is the outsourced production strategy. This strategy allows us to obtain, in the production process, higher quality, innovation and adaptation indexes, at a lower cost. In addition to being able to focus the company's efforts on the marketing strategy and set higher distribution margins than those estimated in the market, which guarantees the best positioning at the point of sale and a better merchandising that supports the sale.
The increase in margins, in addition to better distribution, guarantees liquidity for the self-financing of higher volumes of production, allowing us to take advantage of economies of scale.


The market for Blow & Go Afterdrink is closely linked to that of spirits and food supplements.
Liquors and spirits
The Spanish market for spirits has a value of approximately 7.6 billion euros. It represents a weight of 1.5% in the total of the agri-food industry and of 0.12% in the Spanish GDP.
Food Complements
The segment of food supplements prolongs the upward trend of the previous year. In 2012, it posted growth of close to 2%, to 240 million euros.
With an annual per capita consumption of 2.4 liters (liters of pure alcohol), Spain is in the average of the European Union (it is only above in the consumption of wine).
Mainly carried out in the hospitality channel (in which 82% of the expenditure is concentrated and 76% of the liters consumed).
The Spanish Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists estimates that in Spain, 16% of the population consumes usual or cyclical food supplements, mostly as self-prescription. This consumption takes place either in the form of multivitamins (53%), minerals (29%) or both (3%) and recognizes ingesting them mainly to have more energy (22%) and to feel better (18%).
As regards the structure of the industrial fabric, DBK, a Spanish company specializing in the development of sectoral analysis studies, indicates that, at the end of 2010, about 220 companies operated in the sector, which generated a workload of 3,850 workers.


Around 11,000,000 people a year in Spain drive drinking alcohol (DRUID, 2011) and the number of habitual drinkers between the ages of 20-35 is around 9,000,000 people and 11% of the total population ( 5,199,185 people) consumes it daily (DGPNSD, 2010)
40% of the consumption is concentrated in the dinners, although, in the countries of the south, it is much more probable to consume alcohol at the lunch hour than in other regions, mainly drinks of low grading.
DIVERSIFICATION by age and sex
Men: 18-39 years are below average and 40-50 + years are above the average of people driving under alcohol consumption, with no notable differences.
Women: 18-39 years of age are above average and 40-50 + years are below the mean of driving under alcohol consumption with more notable differences and establishing the maximum between 25-39 years of age. age.
Provincial capitals: Vigo, Orense, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid, Avila, Zaragoza, Malaga, Seville and Badajoz.
Other strategic points are: Mª de Cayón (Cantabria), Langreo (Asturias), Reocín (Cantabria), Ames (La Coruña), Canet de Mar (Barcelona), Reus (Tarragona), Cabanes (Gerona), Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), Collado Villalba (Madrid), Móstoles (Madrid) Llano de Olmedo (Valladolid), Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) Manzanares (Ciudad Real), Alhambra (Ciudad Real), Onda (Castellón), Elche San Javier (Murcia), Morón de la Frontera (Seville), Jerez de la Frontera (Jaén).

So far the company has carried out the following activities:
• The Blow and Go brand with European scope has been registered
• The limited liability company BLWG Chaser
• Product packaging has been designed
• Business relationships with suppliers have been established
• The effectiveness of the product has been proven
• The official website within the domain, already acquired, is being developed, and

The Laboratories Nature Pharma La Rioja have previously performed the following activities:
• Study of the qualitative-quantitative formula.
• Study of the claims allowed by health.
• Purchase of raw material to carry out a pilot test
• Sample for analysis and obtaining nutritional values.
• Elaboration of the text of the labeling for approval
• The European Sanitary Register has been granted for distribution throughout the territory of the Union.


Blow & Go afterdrink requires a randomized, controlled, double-blind, cross-over study with two arms (experimental product and placebo) to allow the official verification of its effectiveness in order to generate the confidence required in this class of products in wholesale distributors and retailers and end customers. This study has been budgeted by Quantum Experimental, a company specialized in the design, execution and monitoring of drug development projects, food supplements, functional foods, sanitary products and new ingredients, in the areas of Regulatory, Analysis, Clinical and Industrial, in € 19,800.

IRR: 27%

Spanish company consisting of two partners of 24 years of age:
Jaime Navarro Montesinos: Sole Administrator and founding partner, will finish his studies of Superior Architecture at the University San Pablo CEU to the delivery of the End of Career Project this same year. He is currently working full time at the company. Its role within it focuses on three key points, operations management, public relations and brand image. He emphasizes in this last area his experience in tools of graphic design, like Photoshop, Sketchup and Illustrator among others.
Pablo García Merino: Founding partner, he currently finishes his studies in Law and Business Administration at Carlos III University in Madrid. He has recently completed internships in the "International Venture Consultants" consultancy dedicated to incubating startups, accelerating SMEs and optimizing large companies. He was awarded the UC3M Entrepreneurship Award in 2010 and together with four other partners he founded a combined travel agency for online groups "" in which he worked from 2010 until 2013. He works full time in the company and his function is focuses on marketing and business development.



Pablo García Merino

Pablo García Merino


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