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Made in Me (2º Ronda)

Company Value

3.200.000 €

Post - Money


1.25 %


Ended at

November 18, 2016



Target40.000 €


38.700 €Raised

10000 € by non accredited investors (25%)
28700 € by accredited investors (71.75%)


Every woman dreams of wearing a pair of unique shoes.
Made in Me is breaking a paradigm by selling shoes that do not exist, through unlimited points of sale (online and offline). Made in Me combines the recognized quality of the Spanish shoe industry with an innovative technology that allows its customers to design very easily the shoes they want or need.
Made in Me is leading the personalization in the shoe industry and is prepared to continue doing it in other fashion products in the short and medium term (men, children, accessories, jewelry...).

A flexible and highly scalable business model (especially in the international arena), pre-charge, no stock and breaking the fixed cost structure of the traditional industry. This leads to two lines of business:
1) Total customization: The customer designs his shoes among millions of combinations through a 3D simulator. The target of this line is B2C and the sales channels are both the website Made in Me and off-line stores (fashion, weddings / ceremonies, special sizes, shoe
The shoe is handcrafted one by one with the finest materials, resulting in a pair of high-end shoes at affordable price (affordable luxury). The different exclusivity agreements signed with master shoemakers guarantee the supply and excellence of the final deliverable.
2) Me Box: Gift box that transfers the concept of personalization to the consumer market, expanding the target of the project to men and companies. Me Box is sold both online (web Made in Me, gift websites, e-tailers) and offline (boutique shops, malls, shoe stores).
The Me Box gives the possibility of making a unique gift without having to previously choose the shoe, since it allows the person receiving the gift to design it itself through the web, totally at will and without having to pay anything additional . The possibilities of commercialization in physical outlets make it an essential part of the company's sales model, and various market players have already shown a firm interest in marketing this product.

2014 Sales Start
Invoicing in 2015 of € 190,000 (x3 vs. 2014)
Gross margin of 50%
90% growth in sales in 2015 vs. 2014
> 2,500 customers
80% sales through Me Box
Return rate of 9% compared to 25% of the online shoemaker sector
30% user recurrence
Sales target for 2016 +/- 420K €
Agreements with 25 stores to develop sales strategy through fashion establishments that contract the services of the platform

Made in Me has demonstrated that the business is valid and has done it on stage, a shoemaker and crisis country like Spain, where average prices are lower than Made in Me products.
Round "A" closed in April 2015 of 550K €.
Winners of the "Best Business Project 080" of Barcelona Fashion Week and finalists of the "Best Spanish Startup in USA" organized by the Chamber of Commerce in New York.
"Seal of Exellence SME Innovation" European Commission (Feb. 2016).


Development of a strategy of national growth through increasing the investment in Marketing (almost null to date), which allows to reach the ideal cruise speed in a short time. The strategy is based on publicizing through Publicity and Digital Marketing techniques, as well as enhancing the distribution channels (always under a variable cost scheme).
Exploration of growth strategies in Europe (Germany, UK and France) and the USA, through the marketing of Made in Me products. The greater weight in the line of business of Personalization or Me Box will depend on the characteristics of each market. The initial strategy is to collaborate with local partners under a revenue sharing scheme.

The funds will go to the expansion of the company to USA, a market of 35B $ (35% online) in which expect to reach sales worth 175K €. The strategy to follow is the sale of Me Box in the USA by a commercial team to companies and distribution.

It aims to reach a critical point of maturity of the business between 2017 and 2018 (in Spain in 2016). At the beginning of 2016, it is intended to start selling men's shoes.

A multidisciplinary team with extensive experience, and some of whose members have worked together in the past
Oscar Vega, CEO and Founding Partner
He has been Customer Director at Banco Popular and Corporate Director of DRM at NH Hoteles.
Luis Álvarez, Marketing-Sales and Founding Partner
More than 25 years of professional experience, he has been Marketing Director of Banco Popular and Corporate Marketing Officer at NH Hoteles.
Emelina Herraiz, Product
Lecturer in the master's degree at the European Institute of Design, he has extensive experience in the fashion and footwear industry.
Ramón Tisaire, Counselor
Member of the Council of the University of Chicago. Deloitte.


Oscar Vega

Oscar Vega



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