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150.000 €

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January 9, 2015



Target7.500 €


7.500 €Raised

1750 € by non accredited investors (23.33%)
3750 € by accredited investors (50%)


There are many places to share content on the internet. Some of these places have become reference of a certain type of content: photography in Instagram or Pinterest, professional contacts in Linkedin, microblogging in Twitter, Facebook friends, etc.
But a place of reference for the stories is missing. If someone wants to read other people's stories or write his own, he does not know where to turn. Therefore Sttorybox pretends to be a place of reference to share stories on the internet adopting a narrative model new and completely adapted to the online medium.

As there is still no reference place to share stories (there are sites on the internet where you ca
n write, but as a rule they are scattered, writing is complicated and imitates paper format, design is not taken care of, etc.) and after the validation of the writing system of Sttorybox, we conclude that we have the potential to occupy an important place and potentially reference in terms of online writing.
Of the 500 million Spanish speakers, more and more have access to the internet. In Sttorybox, readers and writers have their place. The creation and consumption of stories is a constant since the origins of man who, with each technological revolution - an intervention of paper, print, press, mass production - has succeeded in reaching more and more people.
Sttorybox eliminates all types of barriers for both writing and reading, allowing the entry of a significant number of users.
Writing has generally been a means of communication without direct feedback. On the other hand, the current online writing places, although little adapted to the medium and rudimentary at a technical and style level, have great capacity to create community. Sttorybox conceives writing as a shared process in which readers and writers are in constant contact, and I live; thus generating a strong community.

• Monthly visits: 6000
• Writers registered: 350
• Stories written: 290
• Written parts: 350
• Written comments: 438
• Likes sent: 2823
• Average session duration: 7 minutes
• Number of pageviews per visit: 3,4
• Average percentage of new sessions: 40.15%
• Number of pages viewed in the last month: 11,100
• Number of unique users in the last month: 1400
• Average percentage of return: 60%
• Percentage of registered users who have written a story: 82%
• Number of written comments: 438
• Number of "likes" in stories: 2823
• Followers on Twitter: 1186

In the medium term we want to get 1000 active writers to start validating different business models that can support the growth and ROI of the platform.

Javier Vargas Caro: Co-founder and CEO.
He studied Computer Engineering. He has been a lead developer at (, Buy it ( and has created multiple personal projects.

Víctor Gabriel Peguero García: Co-founder and COO
LinkedIn (
Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations, student of Law and Political Science at present. He has worked in McNair Investments since 2011 in the area of e-commerce and online marketing, always in an entrepreneurial environment (several co-working offices and public spaces of entrepreneurship in Madrid). He also owns a magazine style blog called "Tumbleweed Chronicles" (



Victor Gabriel Peguero García

Victor Gabriel Peguero García


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