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Sttorybox (3ªRonda)

Company Value

430.000 €

Post - Money


4.88 %


Ended at

March 2, 2016



Target21.000 €


21.000 €Raised

6000 € by non accredited investors (28.57%)
15000 € by accredited investors (71.43%)


There are many places on the internet to create, share and consume content in a massive way. Some of these places have become reference of a certain type of content: photography in Instagram or Pinterest, professional contacts in Linkedin, microblogging in Twitter, Facebook friends, etc.
But a place of reference for the stories is missing. If someone wants to read other people's stories or write his own, he does not know where to turn. Therefore Sttorybox pretends to be a place of reference to share stories on the internet adopting a narrative model new and completely adapted to the online medium.

Wattpad (USA)
- 35M visits per month
- Unknown in Europe (50% of traffic from the US and the Philippines)
- Focus on uploading books by chapters
- 50% of users between 13 and 18 years
- 85% of traffic from mobile

I like to write (Spain)
- 40k visits per month (50% of visits from Spain)
- Focused on uploading books by chapters
- Business model: self-publishing of user books
- Average navigation time of 3:51 min
- Adult writers, little adapted to the technology


Of the 500 million Spanish speakers, more and more have access to the internet. In Sttorybox, readers and writers have their place. The creation and consumption of stories is a constant since the origins of man who, with each technological revolution - an intervention of paper, print, press, mass production - has succeeded in reaching more and more people.

- Monthly Visits: + 206k in the last month
-Records registered: + 41k
-Written stories: + 20k
- Written comments: + 103k
-Likes shipped: + 327k
- Average session length: 9 minutes
-99% of stories have received like
-65% of users have made LIKE
-21% of users have commented once
-93% of notifications sent have been opened

-Users young: 18-34 years
- Very active users: community formation and the possibility of introducing segmented advertising
- Modern platform: Attractive and adaptable design. Empower reading and writing
-Replicable worldwide: ease to adapt the platform to other markets

-Sponsored Links
- Segmented ads
-Measurement and Audience Trends
- Online Writing Workshops

-Momento Adequate: Rise of online literary consumption. In addition, there is no dominant platform in writing in Europe / Latin America
-Viral Platform: Users share content on other social networks to get likes and followers.
-Possibility of Strategic Alliances: with established writers, publishers, virtual book stores
(Amazon), publishers, etc.

App iOs

-Apps mobile for Android and iOS
- Recommendation System: custom timeline (more social, more interaction)
-Agreements with institutions
-Storybox Pro (attract professional writers)
-Expansion in LATAM

Javier Vargas Caro: Co-founder | CEO.
He studied Computer Engineering. He has been a lead developer at (reaching 100k in financing) and BuyIt. He has extensive experience in start-ups and web development. Selected for the 3DS Madrid 2013.
Víctor Gabriel Peguero García: Co-founder | Communication
Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations, student of Law and Political Science at present. He has worked in McNair Investments since 2011 in the area of ​​e-commerce and online marketing, always in an entrepreneurial environment (several co-working offices and public spaces of entrepreneurship in Madrid).
Privacy Policy | Marketing
Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Psychology student. It came to Sttorybox shortly after the release of the beta and since then, is responsible for keeping the platform active and growing. Extensive experience in the management of online communities and the development and optimization of advertising campaigns in RRSS.



Begoña Gonzalez

Begoña Gonzalez


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  1. Pablo, García Ibáñez
    Pablo, García Ibáñez a year ago
    Buenas noches!

    Como va la compañía? Sigue progresando al ritmo prometedor que llevaba?
    La verdad es que hace tiempo que no entro...

    Algún fruto jugoso con las colaboraciones, las nuevas rondas de financiación, media for equity...?

    Hay que firmar la ampliación en algún momento?

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