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(SaaS solution ) aimed at e-commerce retailers in the fashion, beauty and home decoration space that offers buyers online  advice from professional stylist / AI algorithm, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.





According to Accenture, 40% of online purchases are unsuccessful because of "choice-overload". The client has many options at its disposal with no advice her to make the final purchase decision, at least in the online world. E-commerce retailers can greatly benefit from a solution that increases sales  the conversion and offers a better shopping experience. There is no comparable solution to Vudoir in the fashion, beaty and home decor space.





B2B  Business model


ü Fashion, beauty and home decoration companies with online channels, both wholesalers and retailers.

ü Increase sales, solving the problem of product choice.


Commercial Version


ü Human advice of professional stylists and artificial intelligence.

ü For small customers and fast fashion.

ü Mass distribution (Shopify, WordPress).


Personalised Version


ü Human advice of professional stylists.

ü Direct sales.

ü For medium and large customers.

ü Customisation of operations.


In both cases, the integration is very simple and does not require connection to the client's backend.




o  Company accelerated by Connector Startup Accelerator.

o Company chosen by IESE in its WeGrow program and by Menorca Millennials.

o Company selected by Atelier by ISEM.

o Finished product and proven customer conversion metrics.

o First traction in monetisation with three small clients.

oDevelopment of a pilot project in the online platform of El Corte Inglés, the leading Spanish retailer.





Success Strategy for 2022 by acquisition of a major player in the sector, by a Private Equity Fund or IPO. 


What makes VUDOIR different? Vudoir started as a B2C and therefore we understand the needs of the end user well so that the solution is effective in increasing sales and improving shopping experience. The potential competitors of the market are multi-sector and do not have the experience, operations and technology focused on the fashion, beauty and home decoration sector that we have harvested.

When is VUDOIR now? We are creating a success story with El Corte Inglés to penetrate the rest of the Spanish market and take the international leap forward.


What do we want the funds for? 80% will be devoted to our commercial structure. We know our conversion funnel and we need the resources to penetrate the market as well as financially support customer sales cycles. The remaining 20% ​​is for further development maintenance of the technology already in operation and maintain our minimal structure.



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